Discover the Step-by-Step Proven Program that will teach you to Attract Realtors, Financial Planners, CPA’s and Life Insurance Agents…So You Can Significantly Increase your Leads and Grow Your Business NOW


Here’s What’s Included In the Complete Referral Partner Success Coaching & Training System

Level 1: Unlock The Door

The foundation of any significant and meaningful relationship is connection.  Focus on increasing your awareness of how successful relationships are formed.  Gain an understanding of why connection is the foundation of any significant and meaningful relationship, what gets in the way of it, and the massive benefits of connection not only in business with referral partners, but also in life.

Level 2: Your Giving Mindset

Learn what each referral partner REALLY wants to allow you to have a successful relationship with them. Explore why money is only part of the answer, as ultimately everyone wants to be happy. Many people believe making more money will make them happy, know the whole truth, and transcend the business relationship and move into friendship.

Level 3: Dive Deeper

Focus on the mindset and business motivation for each type of referral partner, and discover the critical factors that will have a dramatic impact on your ability to master the right approach to create a powerful and successful partnership.

Level 4: Level Up Your Game

Learn the power implied endorsements have on getting you an initial appointment with a prospective referral partner and discover four proved strategies that when executed strategically will open doors for you.

Level 5: Empower Your Success

Discover how to create introductions and referrals from conversations you already have each day with greater and greater success.  Learn how to make a powerful shift to leverage each conversation to ensure you maximize your time, energy, and effort, at the same time, helping everyone get more of what they want and need in the process.

Level 6: Open the Door

Learn how to create a competitive advantage for you and your clients that will with generate appointments with listing agents, get more offers accepted, and increase your income like you never thought possible.

Level 7: Maximize Your Power

Discover the moments of power that exist on every loan transaction and learn the critical scripting and strategies you need to ensure that you will cultivate relationships by seizing your moments of power in the loan process.

Level 8: Dive Deep

Activate your “partnership mindset” moving away from proving or needy energy and learn the 10 critically important principles to ensure you show-up as the best version of yourself and ace that first meeting naturally.

Level 9: Create Your Partnerships

In this advanced level, you will master the art of deep questioning as you move to the second meeting with each of the four-referral partner professions CPA, Real Estate Agent, Insurance Agent, and CFP. You will increase your ability to listen deeply, connect, and add value while you learn how to shift the focus from need or want, to the fully developed place of partnership.

Level 10: Mining for Gold

Discover how to easily and naturally create consistent and automatic loan transactions each month from your most valuable resource, your past client database. Learn how to provide a valuable service to your clients, referral partners, and yourself, while ensuring you build deep and powerful connections to ensure you become the loan officer with the most friends and ultimately wins!

Specific Key Features:

  • 13 Knowledge & Skill Training Videos (3+ hours of teaching)

  • Key Learnings & Action Exercises for each Lesson

  • Full Written Transcripts for each Lesson

  • Over 20 Powerful Scripts Educating You on What to Say

  • Key Points & Knowledge Quiz to Ensure Mastery

  • Action Resource Worksheets to Ensure Implementation


Upgrade Your Skills and Knowledge with These Training Videos


The Relationship Success Library

Gain access to the one of top Coach and leading mortgage industry expert who will teach you the best of what he has learned about the art, science, and practice of achieving success in relationship business development. Save hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours by accessing exactly what works and learning what doesn’t.

  • Learn how to cross sell every listing agent

  • Learn how to double or triple your income

  • Discover how to stop selling and start connecting

  • Learn how to use curiosity as a tool for your success

  • Learn to make it easy to connect and make it more fun

  • Discover the secrets of finding the perfect referral partner

  • Learn how to create a new deal from every transaction

  • Plus so much more…

Even if you paid over $5000 for this program it would be a steal because if you added up all the time by the hourly Coaching Rate this would cost ten of thoughts of dollars.

You will discover how to connect like never before, learning the art of connection and how this will ultimately create more happiness in your life, more fun at work, and allow you to become a magnetfor success in your business. You will be amazed by the content and how the teaching in this program can be achieved by you right now.

3 Months of Mastermind Coaching & Support Community

You’ll receive motivation and training to help you apply what you learn and stay on track. This exclusive Mastermind Community is the only way to get direct group coaching from Tim Braheem, Scott Bertone, and Julie Weix and the rest of the Performance Experts team. We’ll help you get and stay focused on achieving your biggest goals and dreams

Imagine having a group of people, on the same path as you, who will support you, lift you up, encourage you and give you guidance. Then imagine this group is always there for you, and always ready to listen and help with the challenge you are having. Imagine, you getting a chance to share your wisdom with others who will appreciate your guidance.

That’s exactly what you will get inside the Mastermind Coaching & Support Community.


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